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Welcome to the Winter Race Circuit: Virtual Edition

Now, no matter where you are located, you can train like a local. This 5-race series will help you train all winter long.

$50 Registration Includes:
A long sleeve official race shirt
A finisher medal
Virtual bib to download
PLUS the full support and encouragement from the Ogden Marathon family!
Once registered, you’ll receive an invite to join the 2022 Training Group!


Do I have to run on these exact dates?
No, you can run at any time you would like. We will have a post on the Ogden Marathon Facebook page on race morning that you can share your results in the comments, no matter when you ran.

Will I be eligible for overall awards?

No, we are sorry, we will not be offering awards in the virtual category.

Where do I send my results?

  • In your participant account
  • On the race morning post on Facebook or in the Ogden Marathon 2022 Facebook Training Group.
  • You may also email them to if you prefer.

When will I receive my shirt and medal?

We will be sending out the shirts and medals after the WRC Half Marathon(April 9th, 2022)
  • Shirts and medals will be mailed out starting on Tuesday, April 12th
When can I submit my time?
  • Times can be submitted starting February 26th
What do I get with my registration?
  • Long-sleeve tech shirt
  • Finisher medal
  • Downloadable bib
  • Access to the private Ogden Marathon 2022 Experience Training Group on Facebook
What is a virtual run?
  • You pick your own date, time and course then run.
    • Sometimes people love our training circuit but live too far away to drive in five times in the winter
    • Sometimes dates and times don't work out, but you still want something to be committed for training
  • During this time of social distancing, we are offering our same support; shirts, bibs and medals
Where can I run?
  • Wherever it is safe for you to run.
    • Around your city
    • On a trail
    • On a treadmill
    • In your backyard
    • On a balcony


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