Welcome to our 2022 Ogden Marathon Ambassadors! Read the bios below and check out their social media profiles for training tips, motivation, and more. These wonderful people are here to help you make your first or 500th race as AWESOME as it can be!

Follow Ogden Marathon on Instagram and keep an eye out for ambassador weekend takeovers. They often share their favorite pre- and post-race routines and take us along on some pretty cool adventures as well.

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Ogden Marathon Ambassadors


The GOAL Foundation is built on the strong belief that community collaboration is vital in the success of all our endeavors. It is our mission to inspire the Greater Ogden Community and its visitors to "Get Out And Live!" by participating, volunteering and spectating at recreational events, programs and activities.

We envision a Greater Ogden community that thrives economically and is healthier in mind, body and spirit. Help us create a community of leaders through our Ambassador Program where you are able to ignite each other’s want to “Get Out And Live” and inspire the same feeling in others.

While the GOAL Foundation is widely known as producers of Ogden’s marquee running event, the America First Credit Union Ogden Marathon, the organization is “much more than a marathon”. With this program it’s our hope that with the help of our Ambassadors, we are able to get our story out and inspire others to “Get Out And Live”.

  • Your bio, photo, and social media links on our website
  • Opportunities to do Instagram "takeovers" from the Ogden Marathon Instagram page
  • Discount VIP packages
  • Tiered reward program with additional opportunities to earn a free entry, swag, shoes, gift cards, hotel stays and more!
Please note: Ambassadors do NOT receive financial compensation of any kind. This is strictly and purely a volunteer role, not employee, freelance or contractor. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payment of any kind.

  • Be the voice of the Ogden Marathon! Facebook, blog, tweet, Instagram any and all news from the Ogden Marathon. Be creative, and have fun! Ogden Marathon will provide you with a media kit with ideas, pictures, and logos for your use on your social channels.
If being an Ogden Marathon Race Ambassador sounds like it's for you, please contact
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