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A Collection of Stories

Jeff Furton - Written By: Cindy Reinhard

“What does Ogden need?”

A voice. A friend. An advocate. Patience. Some luck. And, apparently? A Marathon.

You most likely know Jeff Furton, and even if you don’t, Jeff would count you as a friend. Spending a few minutes in Jeff’s company, it’s clear that’s how he sees everyone – as friends. Furton, often seen sporting a big straw hat Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market, and his wife, Beth, are Ogden community staples. Part of that is due to their popular coffee shop, The Daily Rise (try their Ethiopian Blend – it’s my favorite!), and part of that is due a non-profit known as The GOAL Foundation and an infamous event we all know as the Ogden Marathon.

Ogden might be the highlight of the Northern Wasatch Front now and a destination spot for those who love being outdoors, but fifteen years ago, when Furton landed here, it had all the outdoor attractions, but no love; not even from most who lived here. Historic 25th Street, now a popular place to gather, was a place to avoid while Washington Boulevard boasted an empty field where an old mall once stood. It was not the place anyone wanted to be. Except Jeff.

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For Dave and his family, the Ogden Marathon has become more than a family tradition.It has served as a way to stay healthy as a family, spend time together as a family, and has provided a landscape of memories that are permanent in their family.

The Ogden Marathon really is more than just a marathon, its impact and reach is far broader than just a race. It truly makes a difference, and has a positive impact in the lives of our athletes, our volunteers, our spectators, and our community. It’s not only a motivator and opportunity to train and get fit, but it is an opportunity to build a community, build families, spend time with friends, and “Get Out And Live”!


Shane Osguthorpe

As The Voice, Shane has witnessed a number of memorable events: "I was emceeing Ogden’s Harvest Moon Celebration on 25th Street when Mike McBride came on stage and proposed to Christy, that was pretty epic. I also choke up every time Team Bart—Manuel Cypers and Bart Kendrick—crosses the Ogden Marathon Finish Line in the 'Bart Mobile.' The same thing happened when Ogden Marathon Hall-of-Famer, Ron Remkes crossed the Finish Line with a large American flag that he had carried for 26.2 miles.

The coolest thing I get to experience year after year, at all athletic events, is bringing in those last few athletes as they cross the finish line. It has become my tradition to gather every person within the sound of my voice to the finish line and blast MC Hammer’s '2 Legit to Quit' as loudly as the sound system can handle when I see that last athlete making the final approach." The Voice of Ogden certainly plays this song so that he can make them wonder how legit, exactly is, too legit to quit and to hopefully to distract them from their discomfort as they make their way through the last grueling bit of their race.


Barkema Family

The 4 Barkeys

Everything you are about to read is biased, since I love the Barkemas. This family is a ray of sunshine sharing their love of Ogden and community everywhere they go. The 4 Barkeys as they lovingly refer to themselves are Kelli – mom, Ken – Dad, Bridget – 15, and Lola – 12. (PS. Follow #4Barkeys on Instagram to see what fun they are up to.) All 4 of them are actively involved with the GOAL Foundation.

Volunteering for the GOAL Foundation and the Ogden Marathon allow the Barkemas to be able to volunteer together as a family and still contribute using their different strengths. Kelli is the newest Goal Foundation board member and can be seen cheering runners along the route will doing whatever task needs to get done. Ken teaches kids to run through GOAL’s Young Runners Program. Bridget works on the Green Team with her friends during the marathon, and finally, Lola runs, runs, and runs!


Mike Slater

The Ogden Marathon has always been an event that requires an extreme amount of planning and preparation by many different organizations, one of those organizations is the Ogden City Fire Department.

The Ogden City Fire Department has been a proud partner of the GOAL foundation and Ogden Marathon from the start. We participate in the emergency preparation and response to ensure the safety of runners, sponsors, and spectators. This year I saw their participation from a different vantage point, as a runner.

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