Training Program

Training Program

Ready to train for the Ogden Marathon? Congrats, you are in the right place! This FREE training program is created by professional running coach and Ironman All-World Athlete, Lora Erickson.

Training for a running event like the Ogden Marathon takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve your GOALs. This training program is as a free resource to help support your journey and provide opportunities for you to connect with Coach Lora to ask questions, attend training clinics, and meet new running friends.

You MUST BE REGISTERED for a 2023 America First Ogden Marathon event in order to participate in this program.

Registration for the 2023 training program is now closed. Please join us next January to start your training journey for Ogden Marathon 2024!

What to Expect

This (free!) Ogden Marathon Training Program Includes:

  • Downloadable 18-week training plan (Starting on January 9th)
    • 26.2 Beginner or Intermediate
    • 13.1 Beginner or Intermediate
    • 12K
    • 5K
  • 5 in-person running clinics on the 2nd Thursday of each month (6-7pm)
  • 5 Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Coach Lora on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (time TBD)
  • Topics covered during clinics and online events will include:
    • Getting started and the value of good shoes
    • Understanding and adapting your training plan
    • Cross training, injury prevention, fueling/nutrition, cold weather tips
    • Race planning, pacing, training & recovery
    • Motivation, GOAL setting, and FAQ
    • Connection with fellow runners and opportunities to meet new friends and training partners. Training is easier when you have a community to support you!

How to Prepare for Training

  • Check out our Winter Running Series for fully supported training races.
  • Join the Ogden Marathon Running Club!
  • Before training starts, Coach Lora recommends:
    • A fitness base of 0 for beginner 5K/12K, and 5 miles a week for intermediate 5K/12K.
    • Fitness base for beginner to intermediate half marathon: 5-10 miles a week being able to run 35-45 continuous minutes.
    • Fitness base for beginner to intermediate full marathon: 10-20 miles a week being able to run 60 continuous minutes.

Need a Running Coach?

Coach Lora is offering an exclusive coaching upgrade option to Ogden Marathon participants for only $69!

Spots are limited. This upgrade opportunity gives participants additional coaching support and an inside look at training, including on-line accountability and coaching training notes/tips.

Participants will also have the opportunity to take a small-group class and get individual Running Form Feedback and/or a one-on-one coaching phone consultation. Limited spots.

Fill out the form below to express your interest. If there are spots available, you will be contacted directly with future instructions. (Additional Fee: $69)

This coaching upgrade is sponsored and conducted by Coach Lora of the While this amazing deal is exclusively available only to 2023 participants, the Ogden Marathon and associated organizations are not affiliated with this program upgrade. All payment options, instruction, and support will come from Coach Lora of Blonde Runner Health LLC.

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