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Bike Tour FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

START TIME: The start time will be 6:05 am. Start time is ready to ride, not rolling out time or arrival time.


The Canyon Bike Ride is a non-competitive event, so there will be no official times given to participants. A timing clock will be near the finish line to show elapsed time. Participants must finish the 14.5-mile course within 1 hour while maintaining an average speed of 14.5 mph.


Riders who do not reach the following cutoffs will be pulled from the course and given a shuttle ride down:

30 minutes after race start – North Arm Trailhead, 2200 N/158 West

45 minutes after race start – Pineview Reservoir Causeway – this is the last cutoff, absolutely no riders will be allowed to continue if they are not to this point in the time allowed.

Water will be available at the event start and finish lines. There will not be any aid stations along the course, so it is recommended that you carry your own refreshments.

Representatives from the event’s medical and communication team will be stationed near the end of the race and will be available for dispatch if needed.

SAG vehicles from The Bike Shoppe will sweep the course to pick up any riders with a mechanical issue that cannot be resolved quickly on course.


  • Arrive at Nordic Valley Ski Resort on time and ready to ride. The start time means rolling out time, not arrival time.
  • Riders without bike plates will not be allowed on the course. Security personnel and course marshals will be located at the start and throughout the course to remove riders without bike plates.
  • Helmets are required for participation in the Bike Ride for safety reasons. Riders not wearing helmets will be asked to leave the course and will not be allowed to participate in the tour.
  • Show up prepared with any spares, tools or other items that you will need.
  • There will be no late starts.
  • Radios, walkmans and headphones are prohibited on the course.
  • No drafting.
  • Use caution on descending hills. Be sure to brake lightly and hold onto your handle bars securely.
  • Pass on the left side of a cyclist after yelling out, “on your left.”
  • Maintain an average speed of 14.5 mph in order to finish within the 1-hour time limit. If you are not able to maintain that pace, riders will be asked to take a shuttle at the cutoff locations listed above. OPD Motorcade will be sweeping to enforce minimum speed.
  • Riders will be expected to obey the laws of the road and use courtesy, caution and common sense.
  • Bike Ride course marshals will enforce the minimum speed and will disqualify participants who cannot finish the course in the allotted time.
  • A maximum speed of 30 mph has been established by the Ogden City Police Department.
  • Recumbent, mountain, tandem, electric-assist, cruiser, hand cycle and touring bikes are allowed on the course as long as you know you can complete within the time frames outlined above.


We recommend that you park or get dropped off at the start location (TBD) if you do park at the starting location, you will need a return ride via North Ogden Divide to return to your vehicle. Rider shuttles will not be available.

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