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When is packet pick up?
There are 3 options for packet pick-up on every scheduled race with exception to the 30K. The following days, times and locations are where you can get your bib and timing chip on each race week:
Thursday - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Striders in Layton
Friday - 4:00 pme - 7:00 pm. Striders in Ogden
Saturday (Race Day) bibs can be picked up 75 minutes prior to race start time until 15 minutes prior to race start. This is a quick 1 hour window so it is best to get your bibs and timing chips prior to race day or at minimum, show up early on race day.

Friday - 12:00 am - 6:00 pm. GOAL Foundation Offices in Ogden. 2440 Washington Blvd, Directly across the street from Peery's Egyptian Theater.

Do I get a bib every race?
YES. You will get a new bib and a new timing chip on every race.

How is the race timed and scored?
All races are based on chip time and your commulative score is based on chip time. That being said, it is a runners courtesy to one another for competitive runners to line up at the front of the runner field.
Your race chip will be issued each race week as outlined above with your bib. On race day, it is your responsibility to attach your timing chip to your shoelace. No chip, no time.

When will we get awards?
Awards will be given at the Half Marathon (for the Half Marathon results specifically, not short course) and awards for the overall circuit will be given after the 30K.
Awards for the entire circuit will be given after the 30K based on all accumulated points from all 5 races. Awards will be given to overall male and female as well as to age division winners. Any runner who opted for the short option at any race is disqualified from cumulative totals.

1st medal: All runners who run in the half marathon will receive a half marathon medal.
2nd medal: All runners who complete the circuit, short or long, receive a medal after the 30K.
Runners doing the "Short Course" option will get their medals at the 30K day.
The short course option is a non-competitive division and no overall or age category awards will be given in this discipline.
Any runners who participate in any short course option during the series will not be considered for overall or age category awards.

Can I transfer?
Yes, you can transfer your full circuit entry anytime prior to the first race. After the 5K date has passed, no transfers will be allowed. To transfer your circuit, login to your IMAthlete account (you received an email from them when you registered) and edit your registration to be a "Transfer", enter the new persons name and email and you're done! The person you typed in will receive an invitation from IMAthlete to register and will have to pay the $25 fee

Do you give refunds or defer entries?
No. There are no refunds and no deferrals. Runners do have the option to transfer their race to another runner and this must be done prior to the 5k event.

How much does the WRC cost to participate in?
The GOAL Foundation kept pricing consistent with Striders historical pricing.
September 22nd - September 30th: $105
October 1st - October 31st: $125
November 1st - November 30th: $135
December 1st - December 31st: $145
January 1st - January 31st: $155
February - Race: $165

Course Info & Etiquette:
WRC events are not closed course races. That being said, please follow the rules of the road while participating because cars are allowed on the roads that we are sharing while running. Law enforcement personell will be in key places to assist with traffic control and course markings will prompt you to cross when requested but as a general rule, please obey rules of the road while participating in WRC events.
Please only use designated restroom areas and kindly do not discard any debris along the course where garbage cans are not available.

What do I get for my entry fee?
Circuit runners will receive a long sleeve tech shirt, professional timing, fully supported courses with aid and recovery, medical support, swag from sponsors as available, a finishers medal at the half and at the 30K and a chance at cash prizes for circuit winners.
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