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Young Runners

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The GOAL Foundation, The YMCA After School Program, Boys and Girls Clubs have partnered together to find exciting ways to get the young people in our community active. The GOAL Foundation and its program partners promote healthy active lifestyles for children and adults.
The obesity among children is on the increase. The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate 1 out of 3 kids are now considered overweight or obese. Many kids are spending less time exercising and more time in front of the TV, computer, or video-game console. From fast food to electronics, quick and easy seems to be the mindset of many people in the new millennium.
The GOAL Foundation along with its partners aspire to model and celebrate healthy living in all that we do. One of the ways that we are doing this is to impliment our Young Runners Program. A nutrition and exercise program that teaches children how to: Understand proper nutrition and healthy eating, understand the functions of different body parts, build muscles to maintain a healthy weight, and participate in fun running activities, all culminating in an entry into the Granite Construction KidsK or if they are ready for it, the Kimberly-Clark 5K.
The Young Runners Program is currently up and running in 8 YMCA after school programs in the Ogden area as well as 2 Boys and Girls Club locations. Curriculum designed by the GOAL Foundation, will be taught one day a month, for 8 months leading up to the marathon. Completing the program gives the children the opportunity to earn an entry fee to run the Granite Construction KidsK or the Kimberly Clark 5K.
Throughout the year they are building their self-esteem through their participation in the program reaching their ultimate goal in running an Ogden Marathon event. They will experience self satisfaction meeting their personal goal as they run alongside world class athletes with crowds waving, clapping, and cheering and bells ringing and shouts of praise just for them.
Local business, as well as individual's have the opportunity to 'adopt' one of our schools, volunteering their time to make a difference in young peoples lives as well as our community.
Not all children are able to enter the KidsK or 5K and experience the personal feeling of satisfaction when they cross the finish line. The GOAL Foundation invites you to be part of the Young Runners Program. Include a small donation along with your entry fee that will allow a child to participate and know that you have helped a young person set a course to a healthier lifestyle.
If you would like additional information, to make a donation or to be involved in the program, contact us at: or call 801-399-1773.
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