10 Year Club
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10 Year Club

Ogden Marathon Home

15 Year Club Members receiving recognition at the annual dinner celebration. 
The Ogden Marathon, in its 17th year, has over 100 members who have run the Ogden Full Marathon (26.2) more than 10 times! Our 10 Year Club members are invited to a dinner each year at Zucca Trattoria and have the opportunity to share stories and celebrate their accomplishment with others in the club. Ten Year Club members are great ambassadors of the Ogden Marathon and we hope to have you at the dinner table in the future!
As of 2016:
16 Years:

15 Years:
Brett Wilding, Celeste Collman, David Tanner, Don Zanelli, Jamie Remkes, Jim Peacock, Julie Nelson-Pierce, Marc Collman, Mike Brooks, Ron Remkes, Sue Oldroyd, Tom Remkes
14 Years:
Shane Story, Alice Clark, Bradley Johnson, David Erickson, Eric Mattle, Eric Oliver, James McGregor, Julie Hansen, Michael Hurst, Paula Crawford, Phil Mendoza, Stanley Larrabee, Susan Armstrong, Wade McFarland, William Mandler
13 Years:
Brenda Brundage, David Koldewyn, Frank Hales, Frank Hobbs, John Vuyk, Kenny Williams, Kevin Tobias, Michael Schlier, Ray Squier, Troy Anderson, William Sneddon
12 Years:
George Sunderland, Joe Larsen, Kerry Steadman, Betty Tobias, Chris Anderson, Edward Jordan, Gail Baggs, Jan Degiulio, Jonathan Crampton, Kaly Fadel, Kathy Bastian, Mike Rosner, Ralee Eck
11 Years:
Gary Straquadine, Nathan Crowton, Paul Spjut, Shane Martin, Angie Petersen, Betty Yamashita, Brian Hancey, Candis Facer, Charles Stoddard, Cody Hurd, Daron Cowley, Daryl Ballantine, Dawn Bentley, Ellie Wood, James Facer, James Harrison, Jason Horgesheimer, Jed Devries, Jess Hopkins, Kalita Ford, Klea Gallegos, Lowell Hawkes, Marcie Nielsen, Paul Clark, Robert Eder, Sally Wakefield, Scott Griffith, Steve Clegg, Tara Low, Thomas Boud, Timothy Maurer, Trace Lund, Troy Larkin
10 Years:
Brian Hancey, Diana Martinez, Don Mueller, Ellen Clubb, Larry Emery, Paula Plant, Sherman Smith, Bill Emmett, Carl Tippets, Gary Dawson, Jose Castro, Marc Sanderson, Melissa Smith, Richard Nef, Rob Duehlmeier, Sharon Gough, Sherri Mattle, Tony Spanos

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