El Doce Course Description
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El Doce Course Description


El Doce at Pow Mow - Turn by turn description

The course starts in the meadow area, and will head north to Doctor's Dozen, hooks on to Paper Airplane, and then decensds on to the newsest cut section of trail, Baggage Claim, to Brim Trail. Here is the basic description that we can offer at this time.

Begin from Powder Mountains Hidden Lake Lodge to the north down the service road. Approximately 100 yards down the service road you will see the Brittons Ribbon trail marker on the right side. Take that trail.

Descend Britton ribbon tech switch back section. At approximately .6 of a mile you take the service road to the “X” intersection and go to cross the main Roadway just over the null. Cross road (Be careful! Cars possible here) turn right down the hill slightly around 50' and pick up Woody’s World Trail on the left side of the road.

Stay left at intersection. quick climb to the left.

At the next option, stay right for Paper Airplane.

Let the fun begin on paper airplane decent!

At mile 2.7 to 3.3 you’re on the road. Drink water and enjoy for a minute.

Go through the gate at end of road, around it if its closed. You’ll see a birds nest art piece to the left and some painted silver boulders to the right. Go to the painted boulders.

Mile 3.4 welcome to Brim trail

Mile 6.5 take Brim short trail to the left.

Mile 7.0 continue on Brim. This is where the mid-checkpoint will be located on race day. Don’t turn left here! Stay on Brim.

Smooth climb out of Brim

8.68 welcome too Doctors dozen turn to the right.. No cheating

At 10 continue on doctors dozen (service road)

10.5 continue to doctors dozen trailhead (service road cross)

Stay left at split option on doctors dozen you want to continue uphill, don’t go downhill or you’ll be bummed!

Doctors dozen decent begins. After the 6th switchback you will hit a service road option. Take service road to the left up hill.

At Mile 11.2 service road splits. Stay right to go downhill on service road towards the pommel horse lift. It's the large white structure, you can't miss it.

Pass the lift and stay right off it too continue up last big climb to hidden lake. I’m sure you won’t thank us for this one. We’re calling it “Caliente Climb!” Ay yay yay!

At Mile 11.8 you will have completed 1,188’ of climbing for the lap and you’re rewarded with stunning views at your highest elevation point on the route, 8,934’.
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