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May 19, 2018


Where do I pick up my packet/bib?

All packets/bibs are picked up Friday, May 18, 2018, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Altra Fun & Fitness Expo, located inside the Weber County Sports Complex, 4400 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT. This is adjacent to Weber State’s Dee Events Center and the Weber County Ice Sheet.

The Ogden Marathon does not mail packets and there is no race day packet pick up.All packets for all races, including Canyon Bike Ride and 5K, need to be picked up at the Altra Fun & Fitness Expo.

Can I pick up a packet/bib for someone?

Yes, you can pick up for someone as long as you have a copy of their ID with written permission.

Race Day?

May 18th, 2019. All running races start at 7:00 am sharp, with the exception of the Canyon Bike Ride, which starts at 6:40 am, and the KidsK which starts at 12:30 pm.

Last bus for the Full, Half, and Relay legs 1 & 2 leave at 5:00 am from downtown Ogden, 25th street and Washington Blvd.

The Mayor’s Walk takes place on Friday, May 18, 2018, at 6:00 pm starting at 18th Grant and ending at the Ogden Marathon Finish line.

Can I have a refund or defer my registration?
There are no refunds and no deferrals

Can I transfer my registration?

*NOTE: Transfers are only allowed if the event is sold out. If race entries are still available for purchase online, no transfers will be allowed at that time. Person to person transfers are allowed as long as the race is sold out. If there are race spaces available for purchase online, no transfers will be allowed at that time. There are no race to race transfers, only runner to runner.
$25 transfer fee applies. You must be the original registered participant to initiate transfer.

Is the Ogden Marathon a Boston Qualifier?

YES. The Ogden Marathon is considered one of the fastest and most scenic Boston Qualifiers in the nation.

Help, I need the course map.

Here it is

All course maps can be found online at ogdenmarathon.com. Go to Signature Events, Ogden marathon, and then Race Information.

Nice Course! What are the course records?

Full Marathon Course Records

  • Male - Riley Cook, 2:21:56 (2018)
  • Male (2) - Seth Wold, :2:22:51 (2009)
  • Male (3) - Fritz Van DeKamp, 2:23:00 (2012)
  • Female - Sariah Long, 2:42:40 (2017)
  • Female (2) - Cynthia Fowler, 2:43:25 (2015)
  • Female(3) - Cynthia Fowler, 2:47:29 (2012)
  • Female(4) - Devra Vierkant, 2:48:21 (2013)

Is the Ogden Marathon USATF certified?


Is the Ogden Marathon part of the Grand Slam in Utah?


Can I wear headphones during the race?

We do not recommend usage of any audio equipment during any of the races. If you use an audio device you do so at your own risk. As a general courtesy, please use just one earpiece so you can still hear what is going on around you.

Is there a limit on the number of race participants?

Full Marathon is limited to 3000 participants.

Half Marathon is limited to 4500 participants.

Relay is limited to 250 teams of 5 participants.

5K is limited to 1,000 participants.

Is there a time limit for completing the Marathon?

YES, in addition, there are two firm cut off times to be aware of
The Ogden Marathon has a time limit of 7 hours.
Runners must cross the spillway (approximately mile 17.2) by 11:30 am. Runners that do not cross the spillway before the cutoff will be asked to leave the course. Runners must also be out of Ogden Canyon by 1:00 pm. The Ogden Marathon will provide transportation to the finish line for the runner's safety and security. The race begins at 7:00 am, earlier starts will not be supported by the Ogden Marathon

How does my timing device work?

The Ogden Marathon is using the Chronotrack D-Tag system. Your timing device will be attached to your race bib when you pick up your packet at the Altra Fun and Fitness Expo. On race morning you will attach your timing device to your shoe laces. Watch a short instructional video here.

Where will the lost and found be located?

Lost and found items can be turned in and retrieved at the GOAL Foundation booth, at both the Fun & Fitness Expo and the Finish Line Festival. Clothing dropped in non-designated areas will be considered a donation. Clothing dropped in designated areas will be available for pick-up at the finish area.

Where are the official clothing drop sites?

You can drop your clothing in designated areas at Half Marathon and Full Marathon start line. Clothing dropped anywhere else will be considered "donated" and will not be returned to the clothing pick up area at the finish of the race. Please make sure you use a runner’s bag with your bib # clearly marked on it for ease of retrieval at the finish line. Although we make every attempt to get your personal belongings back to you safely, The Ogden Marathon is not responsible for lost or stolen items. There is no clothing drop at the 5K start line or Relay Exchange points.

How cold is it at the Full Marathon start? Will there be heat at the start? How should I dress?

It is typically anywhere between 20-35 degrees. YES, there will be fire barrels at the FULL start to help keep you warm. Dress in layers and check the local forecast for the Huntsville area leading up to the race.

Where can my family watch the race?

At the Eden Town Park (parking is limited), along the Ogden River Parkway, Grant Ave. and at the finish line area. Please discourage family members from attempting to spectate at the mouth of Ogden Canyon due to high traffic levels and congestion.

Can I or my family drive to the start of my race?

Full Marathon - NO - Take the bus
Half Marathon - YES - Be early, roads close, and parking is limited. Best to take the bus.
Relay Points - NO - Take the bus
5K - YES - Simply park at the Junction parking lot and walk right out to the start line which is near the Megaplex Theatre, between 24th & 25th Street on Keisel Ave.

Where can I park during the Marathon?

Parking is available in downtown Ogden and at the host hotels. Please check lots to determine if it is a pay lot and pay the appropriate fees. Follow all no parking and tow away zones, as you are at risk for a ticket and towing.

Will there be a shuttle to take me to my hotel after the race?

Check with your hotel.

Can I participate in the Marathon and still be able to watch my child run the KidsK?

The KidsK starts at 12:30pm. If you would like, you can even run the KidsK with your child.

Are strollers allowed in the FULL or the HALF Marathon?


Strollers are allowed for the 5K and KidsK, and we ask that you line up towards the back if you choose to run with a stroller.

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