El Doce - The Law
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El Doce - The Law

Rules of the Race

1) Be courteous. There are plenty of passing opportunities on this course but if you must pass right this minute, please do so in a kind way. If you have a mechanical, please repair it on the side of the course and allow riders to pass easily. We're all out here having a good time!

2) Be a good person. No littering, help out if someone is in need, use restrooms where available, smile and say thanks to all of the great volunteers out on course.

3) Riders must be registered. No poaching please. It's rude. Refer to rules #1 and #2

4) Be Prepared. This is a self support course and it isn't downhill both ways (1700' ish feet of up and down fun over 13.7 miles). We will offer a support bag drop option where we will take your support items needed out to the far check in point. If you have a mechanical while you're out, you can proceed to that point where we'll have your bag waiting for you. If the main pit is more convenient, then proceed there. But mostly, it's always a good idea to have something on you to take care of minor problems like flats, chains, etc.. There will also be patrol out supporting the race if you really need an SOS.

4) Lap Rules. Don't cheat, we're (our technology is) watching! When you reach the pit area, you MUST dismount your bike and approach the check-in staff before you or your partner can go out for the next lap. No check-in = No lap registered! If you decide that you are not going to continue, please let a race official know in the main pit area.

Riders who are checking out, must do so at the Check-In table in the Pit Zone. In general, we always want to know when you are coming or going.

5) No riding in Pit Zone. Succinctly put, No riding in Pit Zone.

6) Last Lap. Last lap cut off for the 12 division is at 6:00 pm. Last lap cut off for the 6 hour division is 1:00 pm.

7) Head Honcho. We make every reasonable attempt to resolve issues in a timely, fair and courteous manner. If you have a problem or issue, please find a race official and express your concerns. The GOAL Foundation as the governing organization will make a final decision and notify you within a reasonable amount of time.
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